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I agree that it's more fun to just bring someone along (basically my goal here is the personal challenge of it), but I found it didn't take much time to solo compared to the time it takes to kill all the mobs. I'll browse the forums while waiting for the sneak cooldown, which may be lower than your shadow's (40 secs if I recall).
2 minutes for us. :-( It's lower for an Infiltration shadow; can't remember by how much.

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Great to hear your healing scoundrel friend can do it! His gear is definitely better than mine, but it's still encouraging. If you get a chance to find out what companion/strategy he uses, that would be cool. Also does he run into a lot of close calls in his gear? I ask because I don't generally like respeccing, but will if I think I have a chance for it in this current gear.
His strategy (iirc) is to stealth past everything, using positioning, sneak and stun dart to get past it all without a fight. When it comes to the access codes guy, he uses Akavi and just heals her through it (he has also used Bowdar, but it goes faster with Akavi). I believe he stuns the adds whenever he can, but he's primarily focused on just keeping Akavi up. The final fight is really, really easy to heal through. He doesn't even bother trying to get Akavi to move out of the AoE, he just heals her through it. All of his companions are at least Columi geared; Bowdar is mostly Rakata geared.

From what he has told me, he never really has any serious issues. He's a pretty insane healer though (healed his first nightmare bonethrasher in quest blues after the other healer went down), so I'm not sure how well his experiences can be replicated. :-)
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