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Could you provide a video to show how to get the access card sneaking mobs?
You still have to kill the champion guard. I can fraps it next time I do it and put it on youtube.
Basically I flash grenaded all the healers as soon as they spawned and used Freighter flyby to kill them quite quickly. Then on the main guard I interrupted abilities, using dirty kick and flash grenade as part of my interrupt cycle when they came up. I kept her dotted and she fell fairly quickly.

I feel like my class is great at this kind of soloing when I have access to CC, it's just when dealing with boss immunity I'm running into trouble.

Quote: Originally Posted by KeyboardNinja View Post
It is very possible to solo this daily, it just takes quite a while. I can do it as a shadow tank (Rakata + Black Hole gear), and our scoundrel healer (Rakata + Black Hole gear) can also do it. There's really only two fights to deal with: the access card fight and the final fight against Koric. Stealth allows you to completely bypass everything else.

The thing though is that soloing this quest takes *really* long. You spend a lot of time waiting for your blackout to come off of cooldown, and that's just tedious. Grab a geared friend, whip your appropriate companions and do it that way. I generally 2 man this, just because it's faster.
I agree that it's more fun to just bring someone along (basically my goal here is the personal challenge of it), but I found it didn't take much time to solo compared to the time it takes to kill all the mobs. I'll browse the forums while waiting for the sneak cooldown, which may be lower than your shadow's (40 secs if I recall).

Great to hear your healing scoundrel friend can do it! His gear is definitely better than mine, but it's still encouraging. If you get a chance to find out what companion/strategy he uses, that would be cool. Also does he run into a lot of close calls in his gear? I ask because I don't generally like respeccing, but will if I think I have a chance for it in this current gear.