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Heya, thanks. I realize that having a wall of text as your suggestion won't catch many eyes ^^ on the contrary, it drives them away.

And as you say, there needs to be some incentive. Time attacks with a scoreboard on the fleet would be a great thing to have for server competition. Maybe have a top 3 or even top 5 or top 10 list accessible for everyone to see. Special gear for beating the hardest challenges will serve as bragging rights and that alone is enough reason for most to go raid nightmare modes, I would imagine. And let's not forget that it's supposed to be fun to raid ;p that should be the biggest incentive.

In the end, it's up to bioware to implement these incentives for us. Kirorx hints at something that may be an incentive in the future and that is furniture. I doubt we'll see player housing anytime soon but.. I'm kinda hoping we'll be able to pimp out our ships! Both exterior and interior.

Also, I'm with you on the pvp part. Gear progression has nothing to do in a pvp environment, but it's a requirement in MMORPGs because of PvE. That's another flaw with vertical scaling! I want balanced teams.

Can you give us an example of an MMORPG that has done a game with horizontal scaling? I'm not that knowledgable about other MMORPGs, I spent most of my time in WoW and SWG prior to SWTOR, never bothering with any other games.

Also, does it matter if it has been done before? In theory it sounds like a great concept. Sure, bioware may have chosen to do vertical scaling... but they also chose to do a suggestions forum where nobodies like me can post their thoughts and ideas. I doubt I'll have any effect on anything but I can hope! Because I think that this concept is brilliant, and I actually took a lot of time and effort into making this thread (thus the wall of text that no one ended up reading ^^...)...

SWTOR is a themepark, and with this forumla it's only going to have one attraction up at a time. That's not a particularly fun themepark in the long run. How many enjoyed grinding ICC back in WLK? It was the only raid for more than half a year, at least... aah the memories... *ties a noose around the neck*