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A lot of the new stuff looks cool, but there's still not much of what people are asking for, at the very least no announcement on new races, what's everyone else's thoughts on this?
What are people asking for, besides what you just said? That's an honest question. I haven't seen too many innovative ideas coming from these forums (other then turn the space game into EVE, but that is just unrealistic to ask for). The most I have seen are requests for new races, space game off rails, pazaak, and chat bubbles. Is that it? None of that is going to keep anyone around for very long, to be honest. People will still be clamoring for more to do. It's all fluff really. SWG had mini games, guess how that turned out? Space sim too, but it was such a small area of interest.

People need to start suggesting dynamic ideas. Be creative and suggestive. Going back to the popular requests, all everyone is asking for is new species, pazaak, no space rails, chat bubbles, and ideas based off the Legacy feature. About the only cool thing I saw was guild capital ships and someone asking for crystals to be used on speeders as running lights.

Why not suggest a world like Manaan where the player can walk around underwater, or just one sandbox planet where the goal is to construct mega fortresses for your guild/alliance/faction, which becomes a PvE community event, where by the end the opposite faction raids the fortress, and now you have meaningful PvP.

Suggest something new.
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