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06.05.2012 , 04:20 AM | #7
TL;DR: Good idea, but needs some work or it could have unwanted consequences.


I like where you're going, but if you strip gear progression entirely then you need to have a strong and viable alternative. Achievements, etc. might do this - but what gear progression does give you is:

* A reason to run the content multiple times
* A regular sense of achievement as you earn the next piece of gear or whatever, combined with a change in performance
* A progression system aimed not at individuals, but at guilds.

These are strong motivators, and if you remove them entirely it is in danger of costing subscriptions from the late-game players.

That said... I still think the concept is a good one. It needs more thought to what can be done to ensure the points above are not lost.

For PvP in particular I am ALL OVER this. Like a rash. I hate gear progression in a PvP environment - in the past in WoW PvP was a great endgame option for people who didn't have time to grind: you could compete effectively in level 60 blues against someone in AQ20 gear. With the introduction of the PvP-specific gear and (worse) the PvP-skewing stats (resilience, etc). that destroyed that - and once again you needed to grind like crazy to play.

Anything that lets people who are friends but have different play habits still play together is a Good Thing(tm), so while I'm not giving this a '+1', I still think there is food for thought in here.