Thread: Armor Dyes?
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06.05.2012 , 01:10 AM | #35
Dyes would be awesome thing. Unify just doesn't cut it.

I love colors of the recruit pvp smuggler set. That purple chest is very nice. But battlemaster chest is black and there's no way i can keep that nice purple color as recruit gear is not moddable (and I failed to grind enough comms to get champion chest pre 1.2). So unify won't help me.

Or, for example, that elegant social dress, it is available only in white color for players (which makes it look like a wedding dress >.< And my JK is NOT going to marry Kira!) but NPCs can have this dress in many different colors. i've seen red, blue, green and two-color versions of that dress.

Same is about those dancer outfits. Republican dancer outfit is brownish-red only. I know about pink social II outfit, but NPCs still have one more - white - option.

imperial dancer outfit is black-yellow only while NPCs on Tatooine (imp-side) wears green version of the same outfit.

So why NPCs get more varied stuff that players? And don't get me started on purple crystals in weapons of every Belsavis trash-mob. Rare color my ***!