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Quote: Originally Posted by Deewe View Post
Things you are, still, doing wrong:
  • @0:21: First boss (Does not looks like SW to me, maybe Call of Cthulhu)
  • @0:22: Second boss (Not bad, not good either)
  • @0:24: Third boss (Coming for TSW promotion video, with magic portal in the back)
  • @0:51: Fourth boss (Not bad, not good either, does not feel very much SW though)
I'm sorry didn't know you were George Lucas and can immediately decide if something is Star Warsy or not, but I should check my memory because 0:22 and 0:51 look like droids. That seems Star Warsy to me.

Judging from the title "Terror from Beyond" and the many areas of mid hyperspace we can assume this something from "Beyond" as in another galaxy that the game hints to so often. And the fact that this is a GALAXY where y'know an abundance of alien species can exist. TOR takes place fairly early in the SW universe where most of the galaxy is still undiscovered. So running into an unknown isn't uncommon.

Game keeps being many players kiting a single boss.
Pro tip: at 0:22 there's more than one boss during the fight.

I don't understand why people think because Bioware says once that fighting a single enemy isn't heroic that people expect 99% of boss fights to consist of more than one enemy.