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Sup Jeramie.

sorry did not understand the last part of your sentence.

What I expect, is them stopping doing the same mistakes again and again.

Like they know a vast majority of the players despite the 1.2 gear and still they display it in a promotion video.
Or the producer has been mocked about how non heroic are the bosses encounters and they display not 1 or two, but 4 in the same video.
Similarly they ask players what planets they want to see and the one chosen isn't even mentioned by one player in the topic. it's probably the least spoken about forums wide. It's not that much different for the Cathar either.
There's also the fact that players keeps hammering at world PvP and there's not one mention in the video.

I don't know, I'd just like them to get a damn clue!
What I mean is, as an entity that has been given creative license to add to Star Wars canon, since TOR is strictly EU, to expect TOR to conform only to Original Trilogy kind of content and appearances is silliness at best.

This is EU. Expect new things.
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