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06.04.2012 , 03:52 PM | #20
OK, overall it sounds really awesome, new WZ, new Ops? Very nice content and I'm a huge fan of this game but DAMN IT BIOWARE WHY ALL THE HYPE ABOUT THE SPECIES?

They told us "Roster is gonna expand this year" **** I was so excited was expecting at least 1-2, even 3-4 new species, because the models are all in their freaking game but omg cathar? Didn't hit my interest at all...

I'm gonna be so vocal about this. BRING ON KEL'DORS FFS.

Also adding level cap and abilities and skills so early is a really bad idea imho... in 2 years this game will be in a horrible state like WoW is with all the inflation and unbalance and whatnot