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“Your aura wavers tonight, is something wrong?” Vector asked his lovely, wife? Fiancée? Partner? Whatever she was, she was his, and he was hers, despite the hive mind, despite the republic mind games, despite the empire, they were each others. His strong hands glided along her pale blue skin, he found another source of the waver in her aura, and worked the knot out of her shoulder.

“mmmmmmm” was all Shiloh could muster in response.

His hands slid down and worked her lower back, she spent far too much time hunched over her data pad. He finished her massage and waited patiently for her to stir out of the coma like trance he had put her in. He watched the interplay of her aura with the candle light, he inhaled her scent that now intermingled with the scent of the massage oil, he sighed.

Shiloh stretched and rolled over to face the person who she could only describe as her soul mate, She was filled with desire for him, his black eyes sparkled as he smiled, leaned forward, and kissed her. Her kiss grew needy, and it was her turn to sigh.

Shiloh woke to the sound of rain falling outside, and to her surprise a birdsong, she did not hear it often on Drummond Kaas. She got out of bed and looked out her window stealing Vectors robe off the floor and wrapping herself in it. She drew back the curtains and let the dim grey light in, and decided then that they needed a vacation, to somewhere sunny. Vector was of course out of bed, on the covered balcony communing with the hive, she watched him, her strange lover, but her mind wandered back to the holo she had received from her mother. Shiloh had not seen or spoken to her mother in almost 5 years, not because there was no love loss, Shiloh had simply been through so much in those years, she didn’t know how to start. So much of what happened to her was classified, and she didn’t even know how to start explaining Vector to her mother.

Regardless Shiloh had agreed to host her mother and baby sister for a fortnight.

“There is tea in the kitchen, and I’ve already uploaded the Kaas daily to your data pad dearest” Vector walked in from the cool morning air and planted a loving kiss on Shilohs forehead.

“I would be lost without you, my dear” said Shiloh as she made her way across her flat to the kitchen and poured herself some Alderaanie tea.

Vector’s brow furrowed, “you’re aura is still wavering, Shiloh, are you still so apprehensive about your mother and sisters visit?”

“She’s just….I don’t know…overbearing? I think that would be putting it mildly, and my sister, I haven’t seen her since she was in diapers, I still feel terrible that I wasn’t able to return to Csilla for my step father’s funeral.”Shiloh sat down exasperated, a little defeated, her mother would have something to say about everything. “the only person who was ever able to keep the peace between my mother and I was my father, and he’s been gone a long time now.”

“I’ll be with you the entire time” Vector soothed gently.

“I know” Shiloh answered, dreading the inevitable questions about Joiners from her mother.