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Ardyth channeled the force, her red face was slick with sweat, her bright yellow eyes, blood shot , yet determined. Quinn held fast to her hand, supporting her back through every contraction while she pushed and labored to bring their child into the world.

Malavai Quinn, was a mess of nerves, excited, yet anxious, eager to finally meet their first child, his hand had gone numb nearly an hour ago from holding Ardyths.

"The babe is crowning Ardyth, my love, you're almost there!", Quinn glanced down to where the midwife waited to catch their precious cargo.

Ardyth pushed one final push, roaring with the effort, and she felt the rest of her baby escape her womb. The child was placed on her mothers chest right away, naked and slick and screaming her first breath. The midwife went to work cleaning the baby off, and looking after what came next.

"It's a girl! My love we have a daughter! You amaze me my dear." Quinn was elated, happy was too weak a word, he noticed the red skin, and the ridges on his tiny daughters face. Pureblood! Her little eyes opened to meet her mothers, bright yellow. He loved her instantly.

Ardyth held the now quiet child, and frowned, she tried again to reach through the force to commune with her newborn daughter but was met with nothing. She tried a second, then third, then fourth time, as her worst fears took over. She had a pureblood child who was not force sensitive, abomination.

"Take it off me" Ardyth couln't look at her, she was disgusted, ashamed. How could the Emporor's Wrath bear an abomination. It was a bad dream.

Quinn tenderly picked up his daughter, swaddled her and simply stared in amazement at this perfect little being in his arms. "Her, it's a girl love"

"No Malavai, it is an abomination, this is no pureblood, it's not force sensitive", She spat out the words, rage, shame and sadness, she fought back the tears, feeling like an utter failure.

Quinn felt dumb, could not comprehend what his wife just said. "But...we always said if our child was not force sensitive, that we would send it to the military acadamy, she will simply follow in my footsteps.."

"NO, That creature is an abomination, Malavai! If she had been born without the red markings, appeared more human, then there would be no problem, but she was born with the royal markings, but can not use the force....The only thing she is fit for is slavery or death."

The baby started to cry startled by the sudden yelling.


Quinn reluctantly handed his daughter over to a waiting nurse.

Ardyth closed her eyes, and held out her hand for her husband to take. Quinn took it, numb.

"Take care of this problem for me, I'm too tired to do it myself"



" lord"

Quinn left his wifes birthing suite, the nurse handed his daughter back to him, with a look of sad pity on her face, she did not envy him. She quieted in his arms.

"Your name is Mitka, and I love you"

He absently stroked her wispy black hair a top her head, her big yellow eyes stared up at him in awe. He found himself in an all too familiar dilemma. Love or Duty. Love for his daughter or duty to his wife.