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On a large homestead on Dantooine, It's dusk and the sky glows pink in the sunset, Corso Riggs is walking along his land checking the fence, making mental notes in his head of which sections need repairing. The ship he knows so well is sitting on the landing pad, quiet, also needing some work. It's been nearly three years since he and his wife settled on Dantooine, started a family and left the hyper lanes behind.

Corso opens the hatch and makes his way to the cockpit, knowing that's where she would be. Her blonde hair glows in the fading light, he loves her, even more then the day they met, but his heart is breaking looking at her. Ainsley doesn't hear him come in, she's sitting in the captains chair, hands on the stick, eyes closed, remembering.

"She'll be good to fly tomorrow?"

Corso's voice snapped her out of her day dream.

"Yeah, I'll drop Akaavi off at Fleet and head home, should just take a day. I'll be home in time to tuck the boys into bed"

"Why don't you go with her?"

"Go with Akaavi Spar on a Mandalorian hunting expedition? did you just suggest that?"

Corso pulled her out of her chair, looking into her eyes, dead serious.

"I am, Darlin, you havn't done more then fleet runs for family and friends for the last 3 years. I know what you gave up when you came here with me to raise the boys. I know you miss the fast life, I know you miss the adventure, and Akaavi already offered to bring you."

"But, you and the kids, Cohen's only 2..."

"and he'll miss his mama, but he'll be fine. You need this Ainsley! You've been a ghost, and I miss my wife. So go"

He hugged her tight, and gave her a deep long kiss that took her breath away, "just don't forget to come back."

They walked back to the house hand in hand. Corso not wanting to let go, because he honestly didn't know if she would come back.

Ainsley smiled, and that almost forgotten feeling of anticipation gripped her heart.