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One of the things I find that makes the planets seem sterile is the lack of gravity difference between them. I mean, Nar Shaada is a moon, shouldn't we be leaping 20 feet vert?
It's a moon. Doesn't mean that it's identical to our moon.

And Tattooine is so massive, wouldn't the gravity there be higher? But then again in the films we never see a gravity difference; but this is due to the prohibitive cost of filming extra terrestrially, and not necessarily by any fault of Mr. lucas.
We almost never see any differences in gravity on any worlds through Star Wars, both in the EU and the films.
The only one that I can think of is Carida, one of the Stormtrooper training worlds during the time of the Galactic Empire.
It was a higher gravity world, which resulted in helping to develop stronger and faster bodies during training.
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