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Yes and No.

I usually try my best to use proper punctuation, spelling and word usage (think you're and your.) It is rare that I use short cuts, don't capitalize or not use punctuation. It does bug me but, I have slight OCD tendencies. My wife thinks it funny that I go around the house lining up light switches for example. When I write something outside of the game, like this for example, I usually comb over it a few times to ensure wording, spelling and punctuation. When I was still in the U.S. Air Force, I worked in a career field that had to deal with performance reports and decorations. Ensuring that they had proper formatting and such. I was usually the one they went to when they had a bullet or sentence that they needed better wording for and, wanted to make it have more of an "impact" statement. Despite the fact that I cross trained on the job and, primarily managed the squadron's computer account.

As for my background, I completed high school and did a few semesters of college online towards a degree in computer science. I didn't finish before I had to move, due to orders. I can't really do school now due to memory issues. It would also be a waste of time because I can't work currently (and most likely never again.)

I'm not really a grammar nazi, though it does bug me when I see it online. This is especially true in professional writing, such as news websites. To me, proper grammar usage and, all aspects tied to that have slipped dramatically over the years. With the worst offenders being news agencies. I would expect an editor to make sure that their best foot is being put forward online. For me, improper grammar makes that agency look bad.
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