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Chapter 9 – Unexpected Assertiveness
Illum – Eastern Ice Shelf
Western Jedi Ruins

It was the source of that memory that pulled me back into the present.

“He fancies her.”

Quinn came to stand beside me, his arms in their typical officer’s position behind his back. He had on white and grey combat gear. It made him look dashing, which made me want him, and angered me because of it. To say I’d missed him was an understatement, but that changed nothing.

“He has reported how good of an asset you’ve been to him.”

“You trained him well,” and then, softer. “He reminds me very much of you.”

“Don’t,” I warned him, a dangerously quiet tone.

“Sorry,” Quinn said quietly, then added in his determined voice, “I won’t apologize for missing you though.”

My heart ached at his words. It fed my anger. I controlled both emotions even while I felt them. “Keep it to yourself. I could care less.”

“I don’t believe that.”

I glanced in his direction, my expression cold. “Be careful Quinn. You can only escape death by my hand so many times.”

I did not expect him to come closer, or the intense heat in his gaze, or the rough tone to his voice. “I love you. Your anger, your strength, your brilliance, your passion. I’ll die loving you.”

My emotions flared hotter. No one tore me apart the way he did. Made me stronger for it. It was my own secret that I wished I had learned this strength another way, one that had kept him with me. My tone for Quinn was heartless though, matter of fact. “And I’ll die remembering you both a traitor and a mistake. Good for frakking though. Not much else.”

He didn’t look phased. Perhaps his pain had made him stronger too. “Is that why I’m still around?”

“Actually Captain, you’re not around me. Not anymore.” I stepped away from him, but Quinn had the nerve, the sheer utter gall to grab me. It was my shock at his sudden bravery, or stupidity that allowed him to keep his grip on my arms, pull me into him and press his mouth against mine.

Frak. I’d missed him. And I instantly remembered how a successful mission riled him up nearly as much as it did me. Oh, and he tasted so familiar, the feel of his lips so passionate and loving and-

With a low growl I sent him flying backwards into one of the cold archways. He landed with a painful grunt and fell to his knees. I came up to him, used the force to bring him to his feet, then put my hand around his throat. I wanted to feel his skin as I hurt him, as I used the force to tighten my grip so I could choke him without crushing his windpipe.

“Touch me again without my permission and I’ll finish what I should have years ago. Do you understand?”

I didn’t let him respond; instead I gave some of my rage an outlet by keeping the pressure on until he passed out. I stepped back, letting him fall to the ground. Looking down at him, I sighed heavily. I could still taste him and for a moment, I allowed that feeling to warm me instead of anger me.

“I love you too. Idiot,” I whispered sadly, allowing the words to escape and die on the chilly air.

“My lord.” Pierce came up to me.

I turned to greet him, my emotions once more contained. “Yes, General?”

“Cargo is loaded, ready to move out. Also, there’s a call for you, from Darth Storm.”

“Excellent news.” I walked forward.

Pierce glanced behind me, seeing the passed out Quinn on the ground. He had never really liked Quinn so he looked amused. “What happened to him?”

I smirked. “He touched something he shouldn’t.”