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-Warning, this section contains spoilers for SW Companion Storyline-

“It is the internal struggles, when fought and won on their own, that yield the strongest rewards…” ―Darth Traya

Chapter 6 - Remembering: The Weakness

I was standing on the deck of my ship. Malavai had just given a report on the fall of an incompetent Moff I could care less about. But, it was important to him so I had given him the curtsey of at least listening. Afterwards he’d said something I had not expected so soon.

“I’ve held back long enough. Been too rigid, too inflexible. I won’t suppress my feelings and desires any longer,” Malavai said.

A coy smile slide across my mouth. “Is that right? I’ll expect you to prove this Captain.”

Before I could move he grabbed me. His mouth was hot and demanding, literally breath stealing. In the next second I had been jacked back against the console, my hands held above me, his teeth – oooh. I have to admit I didn’t expect this kind of passion from my by the book Malavai.

I didn’t expect his stamina either.

-Black Screen-

Three months later…

I was standing in front of the terminal. A holo image of the blue prints for our new compound sat on the larger screen. Malavai had been standing at attention behind me, taking notes on things I wanted changed. I could sense however, every time his eyes moved to my back and how long they stayed there. Something was on his mind.

“What is it Captain?” I finally asked him without pulling my eyes from the screen. I rotated the blueprint to change the angle, inspecting the lower levels.

He hesitated before he answered. “I have something to communicate to you my lord but… I’m waiting for a moment of privacy.”

“Speak Malavai. I may not wish to hear it later.” Only he would recognize the subtle teasing in my tone.

“Very well. But you’ll have to look at me.”

I gave him the curtsey of tipping my chin over my shoulder, my gaze peering out at him from inside the shadows of my cowl.

“I love you,” he said. I knew he did. Still, I was pleasantly surprised at my internal reaction when I heard the words. He came towards me, intimately invading my space. He exposed my faint smile and darkened eyes when he pushed back my cowl. His fingertips lingered gently against the scar around my throat. “What’s more…” His voice lowered. “…you love me.”

His assertiveness never failed to affect me. More intensely this time, because of what he’d confessed. I took a moment to revel in my feelings; the rise of my passion, my emotions and how when I crawled inside of them I could feel peace. I had not expected that. But at the time, I welcomed it.

“You’re very sure of yourself. Malavai,” I also knew what it did to him to hear his name breathed out from between my lips.

His jaw tensed. He came closer still, pressing his forehead against mine. I don’t know why, but I loved it when he did that. His eyes shut, his fingers crawling around the back of my neck. “Say it,” he whispered.

I put my hands on his chest, and tipped my face up. Came so close that when I spoke he’d be able to feel my lips move against his own.

I gave him something I gave to very few; un-manipulative truth. “I love you.”

-Black Screen-
-More Black Screen-
-Yup, still Black Screen-

Chapter 7 - Remembering: The Lesson

The moment the doors slid shut, my senses sprang to alert. Malavai walked in front of me, and I knew. He began to speak and I suddenly felt cold inside.

“My lord, I regret that our paths must diverge,” his said in his Imperial officer voice. “Out of respect, I wanted to be here to witness your fate.”

Don’t do this. “How dare you,” I whispered. I hated that my voice wasn’t stronger. Seventy-two hours since he’d admitted that he loved me. Had that feeling of perfection lasted only that short amount of a time? My days filled with the death of my enemies, my nights spent in his arms? Was that why I didn’t sense his betrayal?

“This entire scenario is a rouse. You know who my true master is. And you know why you’re here.”

Not you. Please. My hands balled to fists at my sides. I didn’t notice until the ache in my knuckles started. “Were your feelings a rouse too, Malavai?” The pain was greater than my rage when I asked it because I feared he’d say they were.

“I didn’t want to have to choose between you. But he’s… he’s forced my hand.” He dropped his gaze, looking at the floor.

Weakling, I thought venomously. The doors behind him opened, and I drew my lightsabers. He was talking, telling me how he’d studied me, how he’d programmed the two battle droids just for me, but I wasn’t listening to him. My cybernetic eye scanned the one on the right, and identified the weak points in the design in the second it took me to spring.

The force of my landing knocked the battle droid back into the wall, briefly stunning it. I shot out my hand, jerking my gaze to its clone at my left. It is an indescribable sensation when the force moves through you. When I clenched my fist the droid shutdown. It would take it sixty seconds to reprogram its systems and come back online.

Behind me, Quinn had pulled his weapon; I heard the hiss of his pistol as it left its holster. The battle droid I’d stunned was back on its feet and had cocked its guns in preparation to fire. I channeled my rage and it quickened my movements, let it flare hotter and it nearly formed a protective barrier around me. I back-flipped, landed and sprang again, right towards Quinn, crossing my lightsabers over my back to block the rapid fire coming from the droid.

Quinn had never been the best of shots, especially not at moving targets. He squeezed the trigger and it grazed my side. I did not feel the physical pain in those moments though. My boot struck him in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground unconscious. I was moving the moment I landed, spinning around and releasing one of my lightsabers with the motion. The blade flew through the air and sliced off the droids right side weapon. I blocked the gunfire from its second gun, and leaped again, catching my lightsaber mid-air. When I landed I was on the battle droids head, my blades burning an X into its metal skull.

I snapped my gaze up, just to see the second droid come awake. My foot shot out, knocking into the weapon on the droids arm I was currently riding. The smack made the droids missile shoot out, a straight shot that exploded its clone.

I jumped off my dismantled droid and the sharp removal of my lightsabers ripped its head in two. The entire thing collapsed with a wine and showers of sparks.

I sheathed and holstered one of my blades. Ripped my hood back, and my helmet off dropping it to the ground. Whirling, I locked eyes on Quinn as he groaned, slowly coming too.

“Traitor,” my murderous whisper.

“Yes,” he whispered back, his brows knitted together. “I don’t expect your mercy, but… I deeply regret-”

I didn’t want to hear it. I couldn’t hear it. I shot my arm out, the force shooting through my fingertips and crashing into Quinn, sending him flying backwards. He hit the far wall with a loud and painful grunt. As he dropped, I tracked him, halted his descent an inch from the ground simply so I could lift him and slam him into the metal myself.

The skin at his temple broke and his blood began to stain the ground. He didn’t move and my rage suddenly stopped. Had I killed him? Panic flared. I should kill him. My anger surged again and screamed. I loved you. I… love you.

Closing my eyes I searched for control. These things do not come so easily when love is involved. I holstered my lightsaber before my passion overwhelmed me. When I heard him start to come too again, I couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

“My Lord-”

“Do not speak,” I hissed. “There are no words you can say. Quinn.” He was no longer Malavai. He couldn’t be. My eyes opened, glowing with my controlled rage. “You will live because I am stronger for your betrayal, because I now know better than to think that love might possibly be the strongest loyalty.”

Every word I spoke looked as if it pained him. Good. I reveled in his emotional agony, imagined that every drop of blood that ran down his face were pieces of his heart destroyed.

The way he’d just destroyed mine.

“You will speak of your crime to no one. You will serve me now, with the same conviction you served my enemy. That is what you owe for your failure.” I came closer, towering over him. His head remained bowed. It took a mere thought to force his chin up, to make him look into the hatred in my eyes.

“Every time you look at me, you will see that failure and everything you’ve lost because of it. And you will spend the rest of your days working towards the moment that I might allow you to see me as something else. Am I clear?”

His brows knitted together. His eyes were moist as if he might cry. I would choke him if he did. Choke him until he passed out because I couldn’t stand another moment of his weakness.

Or his reminder of mine.

“Yes… my lord.”

I released him from my grasp. Turned on my heel I marched off, calling out over my shoulder… “Remove your things from my chambers. You are no longer welcome there.”

Chapter 8 – Remembering: A Sith kind of forgiveness

I was sitting at the foot of the bed, getting dressed. I was usually up before the sweat had dried, no point in lingering. Quinn was still in the bed behind me, one of his elbows on his knees, his head in his hand. I used him in this way frequently. When I wanted to punish him. When I wanted to remember what his touch felt like and forget the rest. When I was riled up after a good fight and only he would do.

Something was different this time, I could feel it. Still, I ignored his silent pain as I usually did and simply put my robe on.

“I can’t keep doing this…” he finally said.

I wasn’t surprised to hear him say it. Still, I didn’t make it easy on him. “What can’t you do, Quinn?”

“Being so close to you but…” he frowned. “Not.”

“And whose fault is that?” I did not say it coldly but matter of fact.

He got up swiftly. Came up to me and touched my face. His gaze was as raw and intense as I’d ever seen it. “Forgive me. Let me love you.”

I wish I’d been unaffected. I had been cruel to him since that incident, over a year ago now. Deservedly so but, he’d taken it. All of it. Shut his mouth and done his job, and let me abuse him minute by minute, day by day. He’d taken my pain and his own. That, deserved a small something.

He must have sensed my internal struggle because he came closer pressing his forehead to mine. He hadn’t done that since… I closed my eyes.

“Laresa…” That’s all he said, just my name. I tipped my face up and kissed him. There was desperation in his touch and I didn’t allow him to linger, just a final taste before I pulled out of his embrace and took a step back to put space between us.

“You will be transferred to my son, Lord Vanceto’s, ship. You will serve him as you serve me now.”

His face dropped. “That’s it then?”

At first I said nothing. But, after a moment, “I can’t forgive you Malavai…” I all but whispered. “I just… I can’t.”

“You’re dismissed Captain.” I hated that he was my weakness. I hated my fear that if he said something else, if he looked at me with such intensity again I’d break down and forgive him. Or worse, tell him that I still loved him. I gave him my back.

My eyes clenched shut again when I felt him come up behind me. His fingers took hold of my shoulders and he pressed his mouth against the back of my head. I felt his grip tighten as his own internal battle raged and I held perfectly still, years of training in control being put to the test in those single moments.

He finally drew back, resigned to his fate. His put his uniform back on in silence, his shoulders squared. “My lord, I will prepare for departure immediately. It has been an honor serving you, and I truly look forward to being an asset to your son.”

I nodded tightly and he walked out.

I just stood there, standing in the pain of a good-bye, letting it flow through me, letting it feed me, make me stronger. When I was finished I left my quarters and moved through the familiar corridors to my ship.

I found Vette in the kitchen, spiking her coffee with Hutt tequila.

“How’s it going my lord?” Vette glanced up at me with a smile.

“I have a new assignment for you.”

“All righty. What’s up?” She sat down at the small table.

“I’m sending Quinn to Vanceto’s charge.”

“I was wondering when you were going to stop doing that to yourself.”

I hadn’t expected her to say that. I frowned and sat down next to her. “Am I so obvious?”

“No. Jaesa can feel your force stuff but she just thinks you’re that jacked up all the time. She’s in awe of your control. It’s made you her hero, or God, in a freaky Jaesa kind of way. Pierce isn’t deep enough to notice.”

“But you did.”

“I saw caught Quinn in here late one night, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of Corellian scotch. He didn’t say anything but you can tell when some poor guys got a broken heart.”

I merely nodded.

“What happened?” Vette asked gently.

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter. It’s over, and I don’t trust him completely. I’d feel better if you went along and watched Vanceto’s back for the time being.”

Vette grinned lightly. “Budding youth Sith lord ready to take over the galaxy? That doesn’t sound at all familiar.”

“You are partly responsible for my success. I hope you know that.”

“I do. Trust me, throwing your name around gets me into all kinds of places now. It has its perks.” She finished her mug and stood up, touching my shoulder. “I’ll watch his back.”

“Thank you Vette.”

“No problem.”