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Just wanted to share this one story with you guys. You know how there are places (especially on higher lvl planets) where people from the Republic (if you are Empire) or vice versa go to complete quests and stuff. Well this one time, I was walking out of an Empire base camp and saw this Jedi hacking away at some of the Empire guys. This really frustrated me to no end (especially 'cause he was lvl 40 and I was 45) just to watch helplessly as he killed my "soldiers". I had actually wondered before if this would ever happen to me...unfortunately neither him nor I were in pvp mode so I didn't have the opportunity to creamate him. Your thoughts?
He was fulfilling a Republic quest. There are Empire quests that I've seen Empire players completing where they're killing Republic soldiers.

If you want to intervene, yeah, that's what PVP servers are for.