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Well back to Diablo 3 I guess...was really looking forward to spending a Saturday playing SWTOR though...

I've run Launcher Fix, DNS flush, Time Zone is correct. I've done everything short of reinstalling. The error occurs after clicking "Login" after entering my correct information (with secuirty key). The read banner appears saying, "Login service is down, check the forums." Did, ran fixlauncher.exe, same error. Its not my computer, I work in IT and do what you do, develop programs. I can login to website (obviously). Something is effed on your side boys.

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This indeed works. Just close and reopen the launcher repeatedly until it works. Took 4-5 tries for me, but it worked.
Will try this, and that is all good if it works, but its more, I shouldn't have to reopen and close a game to get it work, just because "That's the way it is."