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What is horizontal scaling?

I am basing this thread and suggestion on Taugrim's idea and he explains the concept thouroughly in this video;

However, if you do not want to watch it, then I'll give you a quick explanation and a more lenghty one explaining why I think SWTOR has already gotten a good foundation for a system like this in the post below.

Currently, SWTOR is scaling vertically. What this means is that your character becomes stronger through progressing, be it through levelling or raiding/pvping at end game. It could be dumbed down this; when you get stronger gear you see bigger numbers.

Horizontal scaling is based around the idea that everyone is equally strong and that it is skill (and of course class balance) that decides whether player A kills player B or the other way around. That in itself means that there won't be any gear grinding in this game for any other purpose than customizing the way your character looks.

This also means that raiding will take a different turn. Rather than gearing up in order to beat a tier and progress into the next, old content will never be trivialized. In the long run, that means that there will be more than one active attraction in this themepark at a time. Incentive to raid could be items with bragging rights as well as a scoreboard on the fleet where players can see which guild has downed which encounter fastest. This would give raiding a more competitive scene that goes beyond "Server First".

I explain my thoughts about this much more thoroughly in the post below, but this is the basic idea of the system.