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If you are like me you played for the first month pretty heavily and then, which your Main well established, you settled into a casual gamer cycle. I took almost a month off. When I came back it was a different community. The hardcore guys burned through the game and left. Many others got bored with the repetitive play. I think most fell off due to some pretty glaring mistakes made by BIOWARE early on.

I played SWG back in the day and hated it. That is probably why I love this game so much. It really is well done considering the ambitiousness of the project. There are some problems to be sure.

#1 Server merge must happen immediately. If you are like me you abandoned your main and made a Toon on the Fatman the last populated U.S. Server. It's not admitting defeat. It's a tactical withdrawal to stabilize the fan base for the next attack. It's a smart move. Shrink it down, find out what you are working with and get ready to hit it again. A recent survey should the average sever Pop was 300 players. I believe it. That's pretty terrible and combining Servers might leave you with 5 servers but that's not a bad start to grow the player base. After all WoW wasn't built in a day.

If you have any other suggestions please post them here. This game is pretty awesome and could one day be the top MMO but patience is a virtue.
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