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they said them selves that revan used the force close or whatever to teleport him self to safety it says that none has seen him since the encounter but there are traces of him still being alive.

for the purple lightsaber in the book its green but in all other images he's seen with a purple or purpe and orange lightsaber its shown at the beginning of motor in the dream and also purple is the coolest possible crystal to have.
for the fact they might want to kill him look at this game it's 300 after motor and he's still alive either someone at bioware loves rev an or they know he's the most iconic and loved character in all of kotor series (and yes a fixed t3 would be awesome i feel we must choose t3 m4 or hk 47)

******i know its kn-51 but it's the same droid just newer upgrades and models whhoooooo for update 1.3 HK FINALLY HERE
His purple lightsaber fit in perfectly with my Revan from KotOR. Well, except my Revan used the saberstaff/twin sabers instead of the single blade. I was inspired to have two different set-ups by the Art of the Saber video where the guy splits his saberstaff into dual sabers.
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