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With Adaptive Social gear comming in 1.3, will there be anychance of Expanding it to Every gear with customization options?

in a recent interview, Daniel stated the reason behind making it social only was Class Labeling in PvP. Ie a Jedi In trooper armor. How ever My Guardian can wear orange armor For Trooper, and my Trooper can wear the orange robes for Jedi. Most pvp'ers know that im a Jedi the second i Force leap andgive them a face full of Saber. The pvp thing isnt a Real reason behind this. Theres some gear in the game i love the look of, but have to sacrifice Stats to Wear it. Light armor users are forced to use light, or Social limited their look more then any class in the game. To me this game feels like theres to many Restrictions, and not enough freedom.
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