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06.01.2012 , 04:54 PM | #8
This may sound like a trivial bug, but it is currently the only bug that affects me and thus not trivial to sorely breaks my immersion.

I was wondering if we have a status update on fixing the igniting lightsaber/holstering a lit lightsaber. Currently when I do dailies, my companion appears with ignited lightsaber. Then when I zone, the lightsaber disappears, but the companion animates as though it were holding a lightsaber. Then if I unequip/re-equip the lightsaber, it reappears, but after the first fight, the companion holster's it while it remains ignited. Only after a second fight is the animations all synced up again where the saber is ignited/de-ignited as expected.

I realize there are work-arounds, but it just becomes tedious day after day.
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