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I think it's time for some clarification on Cyan/Purple crystals, the same way you guys clarified the current status on Green, Orange, and Yellow.

Prior to the release of 1.2, we were told that the Cyan and Purple crystals would become craftable and/or obtainable in ways that did not involve end-game Ops or PvP participation and would not be restricted by faction.

Now that 1.2 has been released, there is no evidence that this has come to pass for anything other than PvP Expertise Crystals.

Just telling us "the truth is out there" is insufficient. The forums are filled with nothing but confusion and misinformation (largely because some people confuse Magenta ("Pink") with Purple).

Please answer the simple question: Is it currently possible in-game to obtain Cyan or Purple color crystals that contain PvE stats in a way that's not tied to end-game Operations or PvP, and are the colors available to both factions? As a bonus, can you give a hint as to how they are obtained (e.g. luck, space, world bosses, etc.)?
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