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It's The Weekly Drabble/Short Story Prompt Challenge Thread!

What's this?

This is a thread for writers to challenge ourselves: to write a short story of at least 100 words every week, based on a prompt given out for inspiration. Some of us were having so much fun writing snippets of our characters' daily lives over in the headcanon thread, and this thread was born out of that. The purpose of this thread is to get creative about our characters and their family/companions/friends, and to challenge ourselves to get to know them better.

Check it out - we were featured on TOR Wars!

So, how does it work?

I'll post a prompt every week (I'm going to shoot for Friday). You're free to take that prompt in any direction you want. Want to write a 100-word drabble? That's just fine! Feeling inspired to write a 5000-word short story? Go for it! Or anything in between - it's really up to you. It can be a light-hearted vignette or a tough heart-rending story. It can be set before, after, or during the class stories. The point is simply to write regularly and share with each other. Please post your story here in this thread.

When you post, it would be awesome if you could indicate your character's name, his/her class, and if any spoilers are in your story. I'll collect them in an index so people can easily find and link to their stories to share with friends! You can write multiple stories for each prompt if you feel inspired!

If you have an idea for a prompt, you can PM it to me, Elliot!

Current Prompt:
Week of 7/13/2012 - Catching Up - Pretty much all of our characters have pasts that might catch up with them in the future. Sometimes that's not a good thing, like seeing an old enemy. Sometimes it's great, when an old friend comes to help you when you need it. Either way, it's bound to be interesting.

Mix It Up - For this challenge you can write anything you like. The catch? Someone else's character has to be in it along with yours. It can be your friend's or someone else in the thread as long as you have gotten their permission and as long as your story involves your character and another player character that you don't play - NPCs, companions, etc don't count. Get creative with this one and see what cool stuff you can come up with. We have some really talented minds in here and I'm sure people will come up with some awesome stories.

Happy writing!

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