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No its not

there seriously needs to be a fix to this by Bioware. Ninjaing is so easy.
Just copy the wow system.

which works like this
Light armor drops - Jedi/sith consular can roll need for it
Medium armor with cunning - Smuggler/agent can roll need for it
Medium armor with str - Marauder/Sentinell can roll need for it
Heavy armor with aim - Trooper can roll need for it
Heavy armor with str - Juggernaut/Knight can roll need for it

everyone else can roll greed, any disenchanting works with greed

Please bioware make this change, you talk about making an mmo for people to interract, help make things easier for smooth flashpoint runs not having to worry about people to stealing an upgrade for your character just for the heck of it.
If the system is to be changed, why change it to a variation of an obsolete, politic creating bull<bleep> inducing system?

Better system: Loot is rolled for everyone separately, no one sees what everyone else gets, adjusting chance and numbers accordingly, and allowing you a chance to give an item up if its bind of pickup.

There you go! Some games have/had this, and it made the PUG dynamic far more interesting. Pug raid groups were far more common and successful.

In this day and age of mmo's i thought everyone understood the need vs green system by now
In this day and age of MMO you would think people realise there's more MMOs than EQ/WoW and its direct clones. Some have different loot mechanics which in turn create different "loot rules". And few/no major MMO has a companion system like this one. So the rules become fuzzy, and people who think there "one true WoW-like way" is the only way are arguably causing more problems than the rest. If you don't setup rules before the group start, its free for all. (Note: I have never rolled for anything for my companion, even when duoing with my wife. Doesn't change that the above is true)