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05.31.2012 , 01:17 PM | #123
I'm somewhat glad to see the Community Team responding to the community, and I feel it will go a long ways to keeping up customer retention.

However, some of the biggest gripes about the game are towards the development team's actions. Lack of updates on important issues are at the front of problems. I hate the "Coming Soon" or "Early Summer" posts, but us players are like kids on a road trip always asking their parents "Are we there yet?". So the reply is somewhat ok, but maybe we can come to a even point by creating a page on the website titled "Coming in 1.3" page and a "On the Horizon" Page that has hints of "in progress" updates that we can be excited about.

Also, if a patch is going to be rolled out, why not always post the patch notes a day or two before time? If we know that a patch will be coming that affects us (class nerfs/buffs, GTN, Augment changes, etc.), it won't be so much of a surprise. This was done for the massive 1.2 update, but not for weekly patches. I was excited for maintenance when an update was coming on Tuesday. Some minor patches really fixed issues we complained about, others were just minor. The problem though was that we had no way of knowing what the patch was until after it was implemented. I'd preferred all patches to the game, big or small, be spoken about ahead of time.