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Having met or mentioned the female half of the crew, let's get to the reason for our title...

Part 2: In which Quinn shows up

There once was a man from Balmorra,
Took a job with a Sithy signora.
Got in over his head,
Double-crossed her (it's said),
Now he's food for Corellian remora.

"Pierce! Broonmark! Good news! We're gonna go party on Ilum."

Pierce and the Talz both showed up in the holo room at Nalenne's yell. "Finally," said Pierce. "Thought I would die of boredom here."

"We've been out of combat for all of eighteen hours, Lieutenant."

"Yeah. 'Bout time I got some action." Broonmark blipped agreement. "Hey, you think Jaesa and Vette will stay gone this time?"

Nalenne sighed. "We can always hope. But no. You know I have to keep Jaesa on a leash or she'll start using her goody-goody power to bring about goody-goody freedom for the good of all."

"We could just kill her."

Nalenne hesitated. It was true, and it had been brought up many times before. "No. I went through too much to get her here."

"And now you won't stop whining about - " Pierce finally caught the look on her face. "Right. I'll just get my rifles prepped, then get us on our way."

She nodded and went to her quarters. She stepped in, let the door fall shut behind her, finished fiddling with the datapad, set it aside, and looked up.

Malavai Quinn was standing there.

I killed you. Panic kicked Nalenne's Force awareness up - there was a weird empty feeling where he stood instead of the glow of life, but it was definitely him. She drew her saber and slammed a crushing blow space.

"I am already dead, my lord," he said apologetically.

She blinked. She blinked again. He looked all right for a dead guy. Immaculate uniform, which was funny because when he died it had been pierced and slashed in multiple places by a lightsaber. She took a minute to marshal her thoughts. He stood at a taut parade rest and waited.

"So are you a Jedi now?" she said. "One with the Force? You couldn't even see the Force!"

"My lord, please," he said disgustedly. "It's nothing like that. I have a job to finish."

"That job being killing me? Little late for that, don't you think? Your old boss is dead."

"I know. I am no longer required to try to harm you."

"So why. are. you. here."

"I am not certain, my lord. I believe that, contractual obligations being what they are, I am still slated for service to you. It was iterated in the recruitment speech, the wedding vows, and four other occasions. At the same time, when I found myself...aware, I had an obligation to Baras to kill you. I thought it advisable to temporize until one of these requirements was lifted." He shifted his nonexistent weight and looked around her bedroom. "Now I'm here."

"What if I don't want your service?"

"You could try divorce, my lord. I'm not sure it would fully resolve the situation."

"So what'll it take to get rid of you?"

"I don't know yet."

Nalenne considered. She experimentally jabbed at Quinn's midsection. Her saber passed through the apparition with zero resistance. She had never heard of a non-Force ghost before.

"I'm not happy about this, captain."

"It is not what I would have chosen myself, my lord."

"Hmph. Well, apologize and then you can return to your old quarters for now."

"Yes. Well. I'm...sorry?"

"For what?" she prompted.

"Trying to murder you?"

"And for opening fire on that Jedi back on Belsavis."

"My lord..."

"Say it."

"I'm sorry for opening fire on the Jedi. Never mind that he was obvious trouble and - "

"Now for letting me sweat when I thought General Faraire was going to get away, rather than bothering to call me with the plan."

"Were you keeping a list?"

"Oh yes."

Some time later she finally let him go. This was bad. The thing about the people she killed was, they were supposed to stay dead and out of the way and definitely not show up back at her ship.

Worse, Quinn must already have realized that she couldn't enforce discipline on an incorporeal being, not without much better fine Force control than she had. She had to hope he would obey her out of habit.

Hmm, or out of the hope that proper service would let him free.
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