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Hey MMornard:

I would use your post as another area the designers of SWTOR really messed up.

They should have made the levelling curve for SWTOR much much slower.

It took me maybe 6 months to hit level 60 on my first WoW guy.

People hit max. level on this game in like 3 days, which might have possibly been OK if they had tons of endgame content.
Well, I'm not a highly skillful player, so it took me about a month playing (for me) very obsessively -- I was on semester break all through January so I played several hours a day. I also did every side quest.

But yes, I wish leveling took longer, I agree. To some extent it was my own fault -- my wife and I play together, so we double-teamed every enemy we encountered. But still, leveling seemed to happen awfully fast.

Actually, I don't care if I level any more; I'd be perfectly happy with more Jedi story that didn't even give you any rewards other than playing through the story.