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OP, you completely missed the point imo. It is impossible to actually make 8 different stories that appeal to everyone. The agent story appealed to you, and it alone was worth the box price.

Every story has a different flavor that is set to appeal to a different "crowd". So, working as intended imo.
I'm not saying they don't appeal to me. I'm saying that they are, in general, very poorly written and not up to standard to BioWare's writing in past games. Take, for example, the Inquisitor story. Without going into spoilers, I loved the premise, but I found the delivery sloppy and poorly paced.

Pretty much all of these stories are appealing to me (I am a SW fan after all), but most of them just aren't up to par is the point I was trying to make in my third point.

trussasp :

My point isn't that they're grindy. It's that the game isn't really story driven. Adding voices over cookie cutter quests and calling it story driven isn't really true. If that's the case, WoW is also story driven.