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As for your #1

I think that, while yes, what you say is true. You have to consider the restrictions that are in place because of the genre. You can't have a meaningful outcome from a desision because life MUST go on in the world. You can't blow up Alderran because people still need to go there.

Against games like Mass Effect, SWTOR's story is a 4 / 10, but against other MMOs it's story is a 10/10 (IMHO). I forgive it's shortcomings because I understand the restriction on the writters, and Kudos to the IA Story writter for making the best of what he had to work with.

I'm glad they did what they did, and while some stories fall short, there are 100s of them. They can't all be great, but I appreciate the fact that they are there...considering.
That's true. My point however is that they should have focused on the story at large instead of the character story. There should have been more Tatooine's imo, and that should have been their focus. I'm not saying that there should be life altering decisions like the Alderaan point you make, for instance, but that the main story that drives everything shouldn't be your character story, but the planetary story and the story of the universe at large.