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Hi OP:

Well, I would say I agree with at least your first point, more or less in full.

Here's my counter-argument.... I loved KOTOR, and after a year or so away from it, I played it again, and chose the opposite path. It's been so long, I don't remember whether I did light first time through, or dark.

BUT, would I have played KOTOR through, let's say, thirty (30) more times, in rapid succession? I don't think so.

Like it or not, that's what an MMO is. Doing the same stuff, over and over. They build in layers of stuff to make it appear you are not repeating the same stuff, but.... you are.

These MMOs are, by design, rinse/repeat, grind up and redo things, over and over and over.

You can't do the same STORY over and over and over, can you?

Even if they made the best freakin' stories ever in the SWTOR class quests (which I don't necessarily care about in this game, but you, and others like you, did), would the average MMO player be interested in redoing the stories?

Not really.

MMO <> single-player story-driven game.

(typos, sorry...)

SWTOR tried to go halfway between single player and halfway between the MMO crowd, and (it would appear) have satisfied neither group.

SWTOR isn't all that repeatable, plain and simple. Even if the "stories" were the best stories ever, would you really want to hear them, over and over?

The first time I went through Esseles, I listed to all the dialogue, but the 5th time? Uck...
(and therein lies the problem for SWTOR)