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There is an author who is good at killing off hero's and main characters of stories and that is STEPHEN KING!!

But he would never touch SW although Dark Tower fans (like myself :P) may remember the many SW references he dropped so he is obviously a fan. Can you imagine a Stephen King SW novel?.....
Have you ever heard of David Gemmell? If he were still alive, I would task him to kill off any character in an epic way. Read the Drenai saga. or Stones of Power for some examples. Even the Waylander series was awesome. The guy could write!

Also, Simon R. Green is excellent, and can write Epic that puts George Lucas to shame. Read the Deathstalker Saga for some over-the-top sci-fantasy that makes Star Wars look like Kindergarten by comparison.

Those are the only two authors I would trust besides R.A. Salvatore to kill off characters in a manner befitting their Hero status.
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