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What?....Where have you seen the same exact clothing and armor thousands of years later in SW history? Last I checked, there were a number of things that were improved on.

Kolto changing to Bacta

Medical droids becoming more advanced. 21-B medical droid, those were advanced models during the GCW era.

New blaster/ship designs being made, that exceed previous ones. Example: Z-95 headhunter being outclassed by ships that come after it, if technology hadn't advanced then why is it obsolete?

Clothing/Armor style changed, you don't see anyone dressing like Old Republic troopers of civilians.

Things have changed, just look. But this isn't the proper thread for this, so i'll just end it here.
What are you talking about? There are some flashier high-end pieces, but the main outfits for most classes look very similar to what we see in the movies. Basic Jedi and Sith robes. Gunslinger gear that looks like something Han might wear. Trooper armor looks much like Clone Trooper armor. Bounty Hunter gear that looks like Boba Fett. Are you really telling me you see a huge difference between these looks from the game to the movies? It's even more clear in KOTOR, where the Jedi robes looked almost identical to what they wear in the movies.

And it isn't just the clothes. The cantina music is the same. The architecture looks the same. Speeders look similar. The ships look strikingly similar. The smuggler's ship and the Ebon Hawk are awfully reminiscent of the Falcon, obviously. The Sith Fury and the Jedi defender have similar designs and color schemes to later models.

I'm sure there are some "advances" that are talked about in the books or what have you, but the world looks strikingly similar.

As I said, this makes sense because people want the game to have a Star Wars "look," but from a logic perspective, it seems unlikely the look of everything would remain that stagnant for 3,000+ years. Music now sounds nothing like it did 100 years ago, let alone 3,000 years ago. Same with clothes and architecture, etc.