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At this point i'm interested in readying any of it. Probably would like to start as far back as possible.
Like Aurbere said, the Bane series is great.

After RoTJ, start with the Thrawn trilogy, then move on to the Jedi Academy Trilogy (you might want to read a synopsis of the Dark Empire comic series) including I, Jedi, segwaying into the Jedi Knight series of games, and from there move on to New Jedi Order, then on to Legacy of The Force and Fate of the Jedi.

Also from the GCW era, read Death Troopers. It's a one-off, but it's awesome. (Or just listen to the this audio book. It really adds atmosphere.)

The go-to book from the PT era should be Darth Plagueis. It almost makes sense of Episode I, and it ties in Palpatines plans from other books of the era.

As for anything visual, just watch Clone Wars and The Clone Wars. (mid season two on TCW.)