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Aw! *snickers* Is no one pleased your War got her some?

Yeah, Kira gave Melony a WTH and a *** look when she emerged from her quarters with the 'I had sex and it was GOOD!' look on her face followed shortly by Doc who looked bewildered and smug at the same time. I think she trumped Vette's Ew and went on to 'I need to wash my brain out with bleach at the mental images.'
Well, LS Jaesa is nice about pretty much everything...


"Don't you start, Jaesa."

"What?, master, I'm happy for you."

"You are?" That would be a first for the day.

"Yes. This has been tearing at you ever since I met you."

"It was?"

"You weren't hiding it."

"Oh." contrast, Pierce lined up a whole rant about what a transparent political ploy the whole affair is. The man is no fool.
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