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~Basic Information~
Name: Shayara Veles Deloy

Nickname: Friends call her Shay, and most Republic soldiers and pilots refer to her by her call sign, Angel.

Species/Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty

Home Planet: Alderaan

Allegiance: The Jedi Order and the Republic

Profession: Jedi Sage

~Appearance and Equipment~

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair Color/Style:Brunette and Short, falling just above the collar-line.

Facial Appearance: Face is narrow and smooth, dotted with freckles and a large scar across the right eye

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Body Appearance: Skinny and lean, with wide-set hips.

Armor/Clothes: Tight fitting brown tunic and pants, with a loose dark brown robe worn over it outside of combat.

Primary Weapon: A single purple lightsaber.

Secondary Weapon: The Force

Starship: Corellian, Defender Class Corvette ~ 'Hope'

Among the Greater nobles families of Alderaan, such as House Thul and Organa, there are smaller, lesser known, less influential houses, more focused on the day to day operations of the people than the greater scheme of politics. One of the more prominent of these Minor Houses, as they were called, was House Deloy. The family had a reputation for aiding and housing refugees, feeding the hungry, hosting charity events, as well as having the largest database of knowledge on the planet, and their constant association with members of the Jedi Order. Shayara was born years before the Treaty of Coruscant, after the Battle of Alderaan during the Great War. Being the only daughter of House Deloy, Shayara's mother took a personal interest in her care, instead of leaving her with a handmaiden as she had her sons. As Shayara grew older, she was always seen as one of the boys, venturing our with her brother Vestin, Aurius, and Kyan, and getting in all sorts of mischief. She was tough, determined, and was absolutely capable of defending herself. She also was absolutely fascinated by the House Deloy archives, and by the stories that travelers brought, especially the Jedi that chose to reside at their estate while on Alderaan. There was one Jedi in particular, who was a recurring visitor of Alderaan, claiming that it was for the peace and beauty, as well as a chance to meditate on the mistakes of the past, since Alderaan was truly a sign of the past, after the Sith had attacked it. He had taken a great personal interest in Shayara, sensing early on that she was force sensitive. After many months, Jedi Master Lorik Maar took it upon himself to tell Shayara's parents that their daughter was destined to become a Jedi. The family could not argue, and could not say anything against this fact, they were immensely proud. Shayara was seven years old when the Jedi took her in, and Lorik Maar brought her before the Jedi Council on Coruscant.

They could sense a great power coming from the young girl, and saw it as a sign. She would be a powerful Jedi one day, and a champion of the light. Lorik asked from the council only one thing; that he be her master. It was a simple request, and the Council was quite eager to accept it, for it had been long since Lorik had a Padawan of his very own. Lorik himself was a mighty Jedi Knight, unmatched in lightsaber combat. He was aggressive, outspoken, and very decisive. The Council secretly hoped that training the young girl would held balance him out. As the years slowly passed, Shayara's fondness of knowledge was encouraged by Lorik, and she spent many hours in the Archives, learning as much as she could of other planets, and races, and the history of the Order. Lorik taught her to wield a blade, and the young girl often lectured her own master about how aggressive he was in combat, and cautioned him to think before he struck. Lorik merely laughed off the advice of his apprentice, for she had a tendency to point out ways that he could improve. Shayara's aptitude however, was not in saber combat, but in her wielding of the Force. Early on she displayed a talent for healing wounds, and protecting herself and others, and the Council saw her path...she was to be a Sage of the Order, a healer and protector of the weak and downtrodden. She grew to be a beautiful young woman, kind, and gentle, but spoke her mind quite often, for she had very strong opinions on just about everything, even the War. Lorik did his best to keep her away from the effects of the war, and refused to take her into battle on the few occasions that he was required to leave.

The war against the Sith raged on for many years, until Shayara was eighteen years old. By then, she was a reasonably skilled Jedi in her own right, and her Master was proud of her in every way. Shayara had many duties in the Jedi Temple that kept her busy while her Master had been away, 'Fighting his foolish battles', as she said to him many times. She aided the other Masters in presiding over the archives, proof reading and sorting the archives. Just as when she was a girl, much of her time was spent reading, and learning. It was not until the Treaty of Coruscant, and the sacking, that she would be called upon to fight. A holorecording came her, from back home on Alderaan. It was from her mother, speaking about the Treaty of Coruscant, and pleading to her daughter that she talk some sense into the Council, to make sure they did not give in to the demands of the Empire...but it was too late. The Sith attack on Coruscant came soon after, with Lorik rushing into the Archives to call for Shayara...the Sith were attacking the Republic's capital, and they had stormed the Temple. The fighting raged throughout the Temple, and everywhere else on the planet. Shayara was alongside her Master, fighting back the Sith for what felt like an eternity. They fought for what seemed to be ages, but in the end they were forced to retreat...the temple left in ruins, and most of the Council murdered. Two days the Sith held Coruscant in their hands, but the treaty was signed, the Republic incurred heavy losses. The Jedi were to leave the Capital, as many blamed them for what happened, and wanted to re-settle their lost home of Tython. Lorik and Shayara however, chose a different path, and left to Dantooine, once home to a great Jedi Enclave, many centuries ago. What they found instead of the peace they sought, was more war.

The people of Dantooine refused to accept the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant, and continued the war with the Empire. Lorik and Shayara joined the fighting, mostly for revenge upon the Empire for the destruction of the Jedi Temple. For many days the duo fought off the Sith with the Republic troops at their back, until a figure emerged...hooded and cloaked, his red lightsaber flashed with insane speed, and Master Lorik stepped forward to duel him. The fight raged on, as the others watched, a large circle formed around the two. Sabers clashed over and over, neither one gaining the upper hand, until finally, the mystery Sith took a chance for an advantage. Backing into the crowd, he killed one of the Republic troops with a swift stab, and relieved him of his grenade belt, and lobbed the thermal detonators at Lorik, detonating them all at once. In the confusion, he rushed forward, thrusting his saber, and pierced Lorik's heart. The dying Jedi used his last bit of energy to lock eyes with Shayara...and then he was gone. The young Jedi's rage was immediately apparent. She screamed with all her might, the sound not only echoing for miles, but throughout the very Force, heard by every Jedi on the planet. The entire circle of spectators were forced back by an enormous shockwave, and Shayara drew her lightsaber. The Sith rushed at her, and she quickly dodged him. The earth below them shook as enormous chunk broke off and was catapulted at the Sith, who sliced through it easily. He walked forward, through another chunk of debris, and another, until he stood within arm's reach of Shayara. Grabbing her by the throat, the figure began to crush her windpipe, cold, silent, and menacing. But Shayara forced a smile, and the Sith gazed down to see a lightsaber in his chest...Shayara had activated Lorik's lightsaber and plunged it deep into the Sith's chest. He let go of her and staggered back, surprise taking him. Shayara acted swiftly, ripping the saber from his body with the Force, and then charging forward, and swinging her own...removing his head. Cheers rang out around her, and the Imperials were soon forced to retreat as the troops began to fight even harder. Shayara stood at the spot where her Master died after the battle, and meditated for an entire week, without food or water.

She arrived on Tython another week later, submitting herself to the Council for their judgement. They accepted her deep apologies, but told her that the Treaty had not truly stopped the war...there were dark things at work. They dispatched her, like many other Jedi, out into the Galaxy, to fight the Empire wherever its shadows lie, to protect the Republic. It has been two years since then. Shayara has journeyed across the Galaxy, and met many in her travels, some shadier than others. She has also become a skilled pilot, engaging the Imperial Navy on many occasions in space, where her skill shined. A lot of close calls, and quick rescues have earned her the call sign Angel with the Republic, and sign of her ship, Hope, is usually seen as a good omen. She serves the Republic and the Jedi with unwavering loyalty...but the death of her Master changed her, and left scars that would never heal. The once kind and gentle girl now has another a mere second, she can become fierce, aggressive, vengeful. Her attitude on the Galaxy is a lot more grim than it once was, and though she fights for peace, she does not see any peace for herself. By healing the wounds of the Galaxy, she seeks to find a way to heal herself of her own wounds...but whenever she looks in the mirror, she sees the scar upon her face, given to her by the Sith who killed her Master, and remembers what she truly fights for...