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I too would like to know what a good PvE leveling spec would be. Of course mixed with some PvP for face melting fun.

Also my main is a sage healer and I am currently having him set up to be bio chem, for quick instant pocket heal and power/wil buffs. what do you all recommend for a shadow for crafting?

I think the best PvE leveling spec was 31/0/10 - My personal preference based on playstyle which eventually allows you to become practically unkillable.

If I could have changed one thing I would have taken +willpower over + endurance gear. So my recommendation is to spec like a tank with tanking talents but to Gear for DPS with as much +Willpower and + Power as you can find. Don't completely neglect your tanking stats (Defense/shield/absorb) just don;t fous as much on Endurance as you would on Willpower when you are making gear choices.

Using Theran and having Tanking cooldowns and skills really makes you formidable and the added DPS reduces the time it takes to kill everything (which was the only downside to leveling as a tank)
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