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Greetings everyone!

This was recently addressed in our Community Q+A for May 4th, 2012:

Giand-Amazone: Im a guild leader, and as a guild leader I want to be able to send out mails to my whole guild. Right now this is only possible by sending out mails one by one to all of my members, which is very tedious. Will there be an option to send out mails to the whole guild at once?

Damion: We have plans - it was one of the more requested features to come out of the Guild Summit, and we took feedback from the guild leaders very seriously. So its in the works, but we have no ETA at this time. When the feature comes, expect it to have constraints on the amount that it can be used to prevent it being used to spam and to keep data storage under control. In the meantime, the MOTD (Message of the Day) remains the best way to communicate to players, and the guilds I run with use it to direct players to their own website.
You can find this answer and more in the Weekly Q&A Archive!

We hope this is of assistance in answering your question!