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05.30.2012 , 06:28 AM | #5
Don't feel bad. On my server (Rorokoooroooooo (or however it's spelled haha), I haven't seen 10 PEOPLE on at the same time (not guildmates, just PEOPLE, in general) for a month. I still love the game, and play every day, and the moment I log in, I hit "Queue Solo PvP", then play solo for several hours. In a month, I have yet to play -any- PvP. I have 3 characters at level 50 now and I've only done 1 (that's ONE) flashpoint, with the first character, back when there were people playing on my server. I am looking very, very forward to character transfers, because obviously I want to be able to take advantage of group stuff, and maybe even find a good guild. But I'm also very invested in the characters I've made, so I don't just want to start over on a server that actually has people on it.

For me, SWTOR is an amazing single-player RPG. I've heard it's a MMORPG, but I'll have to find that out some day. =)