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Well hey guys, I'm really just writing this to ask if anyone really plays this game anymore. Well, on my server at least, I have 193 guild-mates, and I'm lucky to have 10 on at a time, mind you, they're always the same people. I've honestly never seen a single member of the enemy faction, besides this one time when I got ganked outside of a world boss, after fighting my friend in a duel, and battlegrounds. I just find it annoying that there is literally nobody ever online these servers. It's just weird to me, kinda saddening almost. Idk, I feel like this games dying I guess, considering there wasn't single person on Taris when I got there. NOT ONE. I feel like I'm playing a WOW private server. It's just depressing lmao. Also, playing as a sorcerer, I have no burst dps compared to other classes which is completely unfair, so even in the case that I saw somebody of the other faction, Id probably get wrecked anyways, lol.
First of all yes MANY people still play this game myself included.

I play on a oceanic server in a 300+ guild and at peak times we have atleast 100 people on at a time.

To your point about your server population, it has been stated numerous times that they are addressing it with server transfers and eventually "super servers" which will consolate the smaller servers and increase population.

Finally I am of the opinion that the game is infact not dieing but rather needs some rather important changes which seem to be on the horizon. Therefore my advice to you is roll another charater on a bigger server for now and wait for transfers so that you can eventually move all your toons. But about your pvp concerns i'm sure you would do better on a higher populated server.

Good luck
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As theUndead mentioned, I can't exactly spell out all of our policies in depth, but that should hopefully cover your concerns.