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05.29.2012 , 08:35 PM | #1
Well hey guys, I'm really just writing this to ask if anyone really plays this game anymore. Well, on my server at least, I have 193 guild-mates, and I'm lucky to have 10 on at a time, mind you, they're always the same people. I've honestly never seen a single member of the enemy faction, besides this one time when I got ganked outside of a world boss, after fighting my friend in a duel, and battlegrounds. I just find it annoying that there is literally nobody ever online these servers. It's just weird to me, kinda saddening almost. Idk, I feel like this games dying I guess, considering there wasn't single person on Taris when I got there. NOT ONE. I feel like I'm playing a WOW private server. It's just depressing lmao. Also, playing as a sorcerer, I have no burst dps compared to other classes which is completely unfair, so even in the case that I saw somebody of the other faction, Id probably get wrecked anyways, lol.
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