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my guild typically lacks melee DPS, so this is how we do this fight.

Firebrand group:
Jugg Tank (our typical MT)
Sorc Heals
Merc DPS
Sniper DPS

Sin Tank
Merc Heals (me)
various Ranged DPS (typically combo of Sorc, Merc or sniper) - People with long cast times do well for us, here.
For storm, we have our 2 ranged DPS stand on the left corner of the tank platform, basically right up against the turret. We then have our Sin tank (who is on the right corner, basically with his back to where the shield will spawn) move to behind them, to drop the DD on them, then he moves back. Super seemless so long as the dps know not to move, and to be nice and close so there is plenty of room for the tank to run and not fall off. During shield, we CC and burn down the 2 mobs in the shield, while the Sin Tank runs in his pattern to drop the lightning rods. He always finishes the drop back behind our shield, so he is in range at the end of the round, so i can heal him from within the shield. Our DPS run back to position just slightly before the red reticles happen, and then the tank and i follow suit.

For DPS, we have all dps, even storm, burning down Fire for the first phase (til the first shield happens). We kill Fire first, everytime. The one time we tried it the other way, his missile bombardment thing killed everyone, as where Storm can be tanked and healed through his enrage pretty easily (we found, ymmv).

The firebrand tanks group has a tougher time during the shield phase, as they sometimes get hit with random rods (as others have mentioned) and after they kill their 3 mobs, their shield drops and the whole group takes a large hit. Make sure you watch your DPS while under here to help out the healer. Dont burn them down too fast if your healer is still working to get everyone healed up. Coordinate. We have good luck killing Fire first (we also kill Zorn and Sorno first in other encounters similar to this), so hopefully this helps. We are overgearing these fights however, as most of us are in full rakata, but its more about execution imo.
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