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I have been in the game, Yes able to play since Tuesday at 10 am est.

I am level 38. Others have gotten higher and that is fine and good for us and maybe not for others. But we also have been playing basically non stop. That is just us.

I have played 2 days 14 hours according to the /played check you have in game. That is 62 hours of game time. I am level 38 others I have seen at 46-50 already. Lets say they have played constantly so 125 hours. if we take your statement of 100-200 hours of playtime to get to level 50 o average... this is the problem I see.

1. You need to focus the departments involved to add level content asap.

If the game allows the solo player to get to level 50 in basically 3 weeks to a month...If they can get in game and play that is.
The content must be there for them to hold their interest. yes you have Heroic and Nightmare modes for Flashpoints and Operations.
But after 3 months those will be solved and players geared to have those on farmed status.
I am talking guilds and not even the hardcore ones...those will be a month ahead of the standard large guild of 50+ players.

These guilds/players will do their FP's and be locked out the rest of the week. Making it a daily lock will only make things worse. More Flashpoints need to be added asap so as to have 4 or 5 available to run after 3,4 months. They need to in game and ready to play.

I do not want to compare the game to Rift but in this it has to be done. If the content is not there the game gets turned off, because raiding guilds are not alt makers. They want to play their character, raid, do a little socializing and log off...That means 2-4 hours a night.
One or two raids a week does not fill that void. Some say PvP fills that. For some it does.

2. For the solo player , which much of the "Leveling" experience does do, The game has NOTHING to do at 50 other then to hang out and do PUG's....Raids are not for PUG's.
Content needs to be added, along the lines of their class story being expanded to the next "book". A ned adventure we will say.... Not today but again in 2-3 months.

Too many players will have the excitement that your game brings and will level fast, as your game allows...just too easy to solo level... and just have zero do do when they hit that level 50 stop. You do not even have to do a single Heroic to do so...that is just how easy it is to level... I have yet to do a Heroic in a group, and have wasted 3 hours plus trying to get those dang Datacrons.


The best gear MUST come from Flashpoints. Period. Chest, Legs, Feet, Head, Gloves, Arms, Weapons...every piece. This of course means Nightmare level being the top.

Dropped Purple Epic gear should be second as they should be Very Rare World drops.
Then World Boss level drops. ie if the World Boss is level 32 then that gear is tagged level 32
Then PvP, player level gear
Then Crafted Gear falls here. I say that because crafted gear , though it should be good, This includes the Orange moddable gear we are all getting at our levels. You have these at the right level. The crafted gear should never be higher then the others listed for their equal level.
Then of course comes the basic Blues and greens.

Yeah I know this is a dumb thread but I think it bares notice to the fact that the game is moving fast for those able to get in. Thus meaning for the casual player it can still move that fast on an hourly basis. 3 hours a day/night still equals 70 days/2 1/2 months of play to get to level 50.
One hour would mean 3-5 months. If the plan is monthly level 50 content and after 6 months to continue the class storys then that is the proper outlook.
I just hope it is.

PS. Where are all these people I see not able to play?
I see a max of 150, per Phase I assume, in a zone at a time. In Alderaan I saw a max of 28 people on the planet. That is a level 27-33 planet then higher later. This would mean there was maybe 50 players through out the day on the planet?

I see 150 on DK constantly, meaning a constant flow of players. yet I see no one.
The game feels empty of players and I worry this Phasing is going to be an issue with the MMO feel of the game when they get to level 40-50.
150 a Phase does not feel MMO nor Heroic for a MMO game.
Please keep an eye on Phasing for the games MMO feel later on.

BTW a Trooper being level 50 already last night? Their is your solo OP class for those that wondered. Followed by the Sage. Odd that the Republic are the first to 50? I think not.

That's all and do with me as you will.