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The one complaint I have with the TOR universe, and it is a small one, is that it certainly doesn't seem like technology went anywhere for a few thousand years. Obviously, people don't want to play a game where lightsabers haven't been invented or there is no hyperspace travel and thus no alien races. But they even listen to the same damn music and wear clothes and armor that look virtually identical to what people were wearing thousands of years later. Again, I understand why they did that. You want it to feel like Star Wars. But if you want to get all nerdragey, that's a place where there is a bit of a lapse in logic.
What?....Where have you seen the same exact clothing and armor thousands of years later in SW history? Last I checked, there were a number of things that were improved on.

Kolto changing to Bacta

Medical droids becoming more advanced. 21-B medical droid, those were advanced models during the GCW era.

New blaster/ship designs being made, that exceed previous ones. Example: Z-95 headhunter being outclassed by ships that come after it, if technology hadn't advanced then why is it obsolete?

Clothing/Armor style changed, you don't see anyone dressing like Old Republic troopers of civilians.

Things have changed, just look. But this isn't the proper thread for this, so i'll just end it here.
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