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05.29.2012 , 11:15 AM | #30
Hacking is sort of like speeding or shoplifting. Without having a society where every move you do is watched by someone, both are pretty much impossible to completely stop . The only reason why everyone doesn't just do either of those activity is beacuse the law threatens to totaly mess you up in the off chance you do get caught so people don't want to get thrown in jail or pay expensive speeding ticket + insurance hike even though there's a very good chance you'll get away with it.

Compared to that, the punishment for hacking is probably even lower. There's a school of thought (for game makers) that you should never ban anyone in a subscription game, and suspensions can be thought of a good break for your gaming addiction anyway. Even in the case of ban, you never lose than the cost of the game by definition. This is not the case with say shoplifting. If you steal $1 worth of stuf and get caught you don't just pay them $1 and get off clean. It hurts you considerably more than $1 on the unlikely chance you do get caught, so people don't do it very often. Unfortunately there's really no legislation (nor do I think it's even a good idea) to punish people for cheating beyond making them lose all the money they put into the game so there's not much of a deterrent to cheating.