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05.29.2012 , 07:42 AM | #3
My group is able to down the hovertanks right around the same time they enrage (probable 2-3 seconds of enrage), and we've (sometimes) hit the enrage timer for Zorn and Thoth.

Meaning, if you're able to down Z&T before they enrage, your group probably has the raw DPS for F&S.

This said, is your merc optimising his dps while running around with the yellow reticle / lightning spires?
There is a certain rythm to it and while the yellow reticle is "locking on" him for a few seconds before the "hard" lock-on, he can certainly stay stationary and DPS, and just taking two steps to avoid the missiles blast. Same with the lightning spire (when the combat start the spire falls first, but as the combat goes on, it will come right after the hard lock-on). Your merc should memorize the pattern and take advantage of every seconds to maximize his uptime.

all the other DPS should be able to perform nominally (on Stormcaller they'll have to move a little to absorb the double destruction but it's insignificant, especially for melee dps).

Are the two tanks HP going down at the same pace?