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But... I don't get it?
Why put a char on a shelf. There is a gazillion things to do. Lots of Operations, tons of hard modes, tons of PvP, a gazillion dailys. I don't get it?!?

I want to get to 50 with more chars so, yes, I play alts too, but why shelf a char at 50? It's then the fun begins!
Why do hardmodes when you can do operations? Also how long do you think it takes to gear up? Whats the point in doing anything if you have done it and have gotten everything you and your friends need out of it?

Gazillion dailys = pointless part of the game that is there just to keep you in the game.

PVP = Maybe if they made it so there was a down side to losing then maybe it would be better but instead they reward you for losing just a little slower than if you win. Also doing the same 4? warzones over and over and over and over a gazillion times isnt fun.

hardmodes = pointless since you can do operations with the same gear you have when you are starting hardmodes. They should be a stepping stone to get to the OPS but you can just jump over it and avoid them completely.

OPS= way to easy.

EDIT: IMO the reason you rolled alts already is because your main character lost its importance. The all mighty story didnt even get you to 50 that you bailed on it already.
If this game is so great then why do so many people that love the game spend all their time in the forums?