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Yeah but there's always the most progressive, and widely used option of letting the players fix it them selves. That's what this post is about.

A possible example ....

IF enough player voted against a given player that player would be temporarily banned for an hour from being queued with those votees. If 8 players voted against them...or maybe if 20 players did over the week they would be penalized in this or another way. The option should be universal too, i should be able to vote against some one on my team as I don't want to be playing with a cheater.

*I think the 20 player option I mentioned above is it gives the hacker time to think about it...and intimidates their number goes higher to stop. It also gives them time if it's not true (false accusations) to see what the mistake might be and to clear it up with people while he's playing. a website where people help restaurants by giving critique.
IMDB let's people vote on movies to see what customers want and to even out the voting score against critics.
Bioware has to let us help them in a similar way.
It is a little different but again it's about US helping THEM.