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I suspect that the announcement will be something other than a Star Wars MMO, for two reasons - first, SWG was closed down on the day SWTOR went live for the people who bought the game early (15th December), which makes me think that SOE and now EA/Bioware had an exclusive licence for the Star Wars name in MMORPG terms.
Second, there are lots of other Star Wars options or other franchises that Lucasarts could be working on. Diluting the attention that SWTOR gets by announcing another SW MMO would be counter-productive for Lucasarts at this point.

Also, Lucasarts and EA have booths side-by-side at E3, I can just imagine the atmosphere there if Lucasarts were going to announce they were in bed with another publisher producing a direct rival to the title EA/Bioware have been working on for so long and only recently released
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